Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

Written on 10/05/2019
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Super Bowl Sunday is one of the top party occasions of the year. If you can't go to the game, get your friends together for the celebration. What does every football party need? A big TV, lots of food, drinks, and comfy chairs. It doesn't hurt to decorate for the game, and to dress up in football jerseys for the event. 

Super Bowl Party Food

Super Bowl party food doesn't require a chef in the kitchen. Go for subs, pizzas, a sandwich tray with sliced meats and cheeses, and a pot of homemade chili and crackers. On the snack table put out bowls of chips and dip, nachos and salsa, peanuts, and a tray of raw vegetables. Stop by the bakery for cookies shaped and decorated like footballs. You could buy a football sheet cake, too. 
Drinks for the Super Bowl party can be beer, wine or something stronger, depending on your guests. Have lots of bottled water, colas and ice. Start a pot of coffee brewing. Keep a cooler of beer and soda in the television room, so no one misses the tie-breaking touchdown while they are in the kitchen.

Decorating for the Super Bowl Party

  1. Put several giant televisions around the room, borrow some if you have to, so everyone has a good view of the action. 
  2. Bring in extra chairs so your guests are comfortable.
  3. Visit the party store for football themed decorations, a tablecloth, a football pinata, paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins and disposable drink cups. Buy those snack bowls shaped like footballs.
  4. Put out a giant bag for waste.
  5. Remove all small and precious items from the room, in case your guests get too enthusiastic. 
  6. Hang football flags outside your front door. 
  7. Equip your bathroom with extras for the crowd.

Super Bowl Party Activities

  1. Seat together the guests who are rooting for the same team.
  2. Wear your team shirt and lucky hat, even if the home team is done for the season.
  3. Pass around kazoos to boo the referees.
  4. Announce a contest to predict the final score of the game and award a prize for the person who comes closest.
  5. Invite football players from the local team, if you are lucky enough to know them.
  6. Set up a Super Bowl betting pool. Place a small bet on the game to keep it exciting.
  7. Have a poll or survey to determine the best Super Bowl commercial this year.
  8. Before everyone leaves after the game, ask for help with the cleaning up.


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