Written on 10/05/2019
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Running can be the best part of your day. A good run changes your outlook on the world. It strengthens your body while it recharges your energy. Running form is important if you want to get the most out of your run. Add these tips to your training program. While you build endurance and stamina, you will enjoy running longer and faster. 

  1. As a running beginner, you will probably feel out of breath. But don't worry; your lungs are taking in enough oxygen. You breathe harder when you run to expell the carbon dioxide waste from your muscles. Your body needs to improve blood flow to the muscles and get the muscles to use oxygen efficiently. The more you run, the more efficient your muscles become at burning oxygen, and the easier it is to breathe. This is the most important factor in building endurance and stamina. 
    Running with a Group
  2. Keep a steady stride with your legs under your hips. Reaching your legs out too far in an overstride acts as a brake against your motion. 
  3. The arms are important for balance. Hold the lower arm parallel to the ground and extended in the direction of your motion. Keep your arms close to the body. Swing the arms forward, out and back from your shoulders like a pendulum. The arms are like a car accelerator, so if you want to run faster, swing your arms faster. The legs will rev up of their own accord to keep time with the arms. 
  4. Most runners land on the midfoot or the ball of the foot, rather than the heel. This technique helps you run faster and longer, plus it reduces stress on the legs. 
  5. Keep your chin tucked and the back of your neck relaxed for better forward mobility. 
  6. Get a pair of good-fitting running shoes with the support you need to run faster and longer. See this guide for how to choose your running shoes
  7. Stay hydrated, especially if you run for more than an hour. Carry water in a fuel belt on your run. 
  8. To increase your speed, you must increase either the stride rate or the stride length. The stride rate or turnover is the number of times your right foot touches the ground in one minute. Your stride length is the distance each step covers. 
  9. To increase your speed, push firmly off the ground with your toes as you raise your foot for the next step. Think of your toe push as a springboard into the next step. You can launch your body into stronger forward motion by simply pushing off. 
  10. Did you know that long, easy runs are more important than quick sprints when you want to build up your endurance and stamina. It's the amount of time you run, rather than the distance you cover
  11. Practice breathing in time with your stride. Breathe every three or four steps during a slow run. Exhale as your foot strikes the ground. 
  12. A cup of coffee or tea will improve your running stamina. Many studies show that caffeine enhances your performance, makes you go faster, last longer and recover from the run more quickly, by as much as 20%. It helps the muscles burn fat as fuel for more stamina. It makes running feel easier, so you run longer and faster without feeling tired. Most reports on caffeine find no harmful effects in moderate use, but you'll want to stay informed on the topic. 
  13. To build stamina and endurance, challenge yourself with resistance training up hills. If you run indoors on a treadmill, set it for a small incline. 
  14. Train your mind for running. Don't think of your run as 5 miles long. Instead, think of it as a one-mile run, repeated 5 times. This motivates you to run longer and faster. 
  15. Check out the great running gear available to make your run successful. 
  16. Keep your thoughts positive while you are on a run. Encourage yourself with uplifting affirmations like "I'm a strong runner." "I can make this hill." or "Just try to cover another block." 
  17. Listen to music on your MP3 player or iPod while you run. A playlist selected just for running will make the time fly by. What about Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run"? 
  18. Sit in on a running clinic for helpful advice. You'll find out the best places to run and a good running schedule for your endurance level. You will meet other runners and you may want to run with a group sometimes. 
  19. Pay attention to what you eat. Running will help you slim down. And the less you weigh, the less work your body has to do to move you forward.

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